So everyone yells..right?

Well I know I do, and it is a hard thing to admit as most people do not yell in public, I seem to only yell mostly at home and mostly when I am feeling stressed. However, I have noticed that lately I have been yelling more, and louder. I am not sure if it is because my 4yo is discovering himself or if having my 4mth old has just increased the level of stress or if everyone is just tired of the cold and wants the spring flowers to arrive…I don’t know for sure what the exact tipping point is or if it’s a combination of everything. But I know that my 2 oldest boys are not listening to me or hubby and my yelling has escalated in the last 2 months that I know I need to make a change.


My middle and youngest boys having a precious moment

It seems taboo to admit that you yell at your kids, but in reality most of us do and I think people need to talk about it instead of bottle it up and feel ashamed of yourself for yelling. I found somewhere on the internet a website called The Orange Rhino Challenge that does exactly that! A website devoted to helping people figure out why the yelling occurs and ways to help stop the yelling. The Challenge is to go 365 Days without yelling and the woman who started this did it! And she is starting again on year 2! They also have a facebook page where people are able to vent, talk, ask for help, toot their horn, whatever, and is completely non-judgemental, supportive and lets you know you are not alone! Other people are having the same issues, feelings, and yelling and are all trying to make a change.

I have joined this Orange Rhino Challenge! I am starting with a 30 Day Challenge as 365 days seems so big in my head that I need to feel I can attain my goal, and if, I mean, when I succeed I will keep going and set another goal. I admit, I started Day 1 like at least 3 times, but I am determined to succeed for my kids, my hubby and most importantly myself….we all deserve better and I am happy to say I am now on day 8!


My family hanging out in the kitchen

I am feeling better, and have discovered what some of my triggers are and am working toward finding alternatives to yelling.

This is not to say it has been easy…it’s not! There have been days in the last week when I wanted to yell but stopped myself, found an alternative and carried on, so I know it is possible. The Orange Rhino suggests using the colour orange to remind yourself to not yell. I now have orange sticky notes on some of my walls where my yelling occurred the most and I have painted my finger nails orange as they go everywhere with me. (I hate nail polish by the way).

So is there anyone out there who’s up for a challenge? I am here for support and so is a whole lot of other people, if you go to their page you will see.

Besides, how can I yell around this sweet little thing….I need to change and change is what I will do!


4 month old…just being cute


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