Working for a Snack


I thought I would share with you a math activity I did with my boys. I decided to get a little creative with their snack after E’s school.  I had each of my boys practise writing out their numbers from 1-12. My 4yo (E) is able to do this without much help now and my 3yo (W) I had copy over numbers that were already dotted lines as he needs a little more help.

Once they each wrote their numbers, they then had to put the numbers in order in their muffin trays.


After the hard part was done came the fun and very tempting part…counting out the yummy treats to match the numbers and fill the muffin tins correctly…without eating ANY!

They actually, surprisingly, were able to administer self control and went straight to work. As for the yummy treats, I provided 4 different bowls of goodies…


raisons, almonds, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows

E even decided on his own to create an AB pattern with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows, however I told him for his last row of the muffin tin to make a pattern using the healthy treats as he ran out of marshmallows. W made up the number amounts using all the snacks and needed a little help counting the raisons as they stuck together a little, but he definitely got the idea of counting and did really well.


After all this hard work, they were so proud of themselves and the reward was they got to  finally eat their snack! It was actually interesting to see how E decided to eat his snack in order from 1 to 12, while W ate from whatever muffin tin he was in the mood for at that moment.


Boys on a mission to eat their snack…finally.

They loved the muffin tin activity so much that I ended up having to serve them dinner in the muffin trays…too funny!

I will definitely be doing this activity again, especially when berries are in season as I think they would be perfect for counting!


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