Earth Day!

Today was Earth Day!

I am usually on the bandwagon to pick up garbage from my community, however this year with a baby in the sling and my 3yo at my side I decided to do something a little more fun that didn’t involve trash and me bending down too much. My 4yo did do his part with his JK class and picked up garbage at his school, so at lest someone from our family did.

So this afternoon, as it was absolutely beautiful outside, my 2 youngest kids and I set out for the forest to find some sticks and stones and go for a hike. We saw some awesome falls and lots of birds. We had a great time!


 Our found stones and a tiny Cedar branch

When my 4yo came home from school we went to work painting our sticks and stones in the spirit of Earth Day.

DSC00954 DSC00958DSC00960

We had read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss not too long ago and have been reading about the earth and the environment for a couple of weeks now, so this was really a culminating activity to enjoy our Earth and pay tribute to all it gives us.


Our finished painted sticks and stones

As the weather is getting warmer we will start planting our garden in our miniature backyard, the boys cannot wait, they have already been out there digging in the dirt and making a mess…as boys do. We have also planted wheat grass inside and the whole family has been enjoying it in smoothies, it grows so fast so it makes for an excellent project for young kids to learn about plants and enjoy eating it.

Happy Earth Day!


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