Making Muck

  DSC00968We decided to transform our sand/water table into an actual play garden as my 3yo really wanted to. I said sure we can! Last year we had it as a water table and the year before it was a sand table, so for this year I thought, hey why not? The boys can play and grow stuff at the same time.

My 3yo is quite the little gardener, he went straight to work and filled the table up with soil. Then planted some Wheat grass, Broccoli sprouts, and Alalpha sprout seeds along with a few purple bean seeds that I am not sure what they even are, but I guess we will find out.


He then made certain to get water and water the soil to make sure they will start to grow “quickly” he said.



We are all looking forward to the boys’ new play space that will develop. I am sure they will be using their toy trucks and animals in their new “field” once the plants grow. I am excited to see what they do with their space as I told my boys they can try planting whatever they want and if it gets dug up by their trucks then that’s ok too, it is their space to do with as they please. So far, playing in the dirt is excitement for them already and they are having a blast getting all mucky!


I noticed as we were outside that my chives are starting to grow and that makes me excited for the summer! Almost time for my planting to begin! I am sure I will have LOTS of help this year with my plants!


My 4mth old watched us outside while he played happily in the sunshine 



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