Helping the Birds

My boys were very interested in the birds flying around and wondering what they were up to inside the birdhouses. So we chatted about how they make bird nests and then I found an activity on-line about helping the birds with making their nests simply called Bird Nest Helper.


Well of course we had to make not one but 2 of them, one for the front of the house and one for the back.  We used rubber coated wire to make the ball cages and then filled with yarn scraps we had lying around, of course they were very thoughtful as to what colour yarns they wanted to use in their cages.


They had a great time and it was really easy to do. They were being quite silly once they were done and even pretending they were hats.

DSC01016 DSC01005

My 3yo opted to make a big one for the front DSC01006

and my 4yo made a smaller one for the back.


Now all we have to do is watch and see if the birds decide to use any of it and make their nests more colourful and soft!


2 thoughts on “Helping the Birds

  1. There is always something fun going on in your house, Brandy, I want you to be my mom. What a fun idea.

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