Do Over

So for those of you following my blog, you know that I am doing the Orange Rhino Challenge, if you are new then check out my post on Yelling to see what I am talking about.


My 2 oldest boys playing together with LEGO

I made it 16 days free of yelling!!! I am counting this as an achievement! I did, however, have a mere snap at my 4yo and unfortunately am now having a do over.

I am considering this an achievement as 16 days without yelling, for me, is awesome! I know I can do this, it is possible to go through my days yell free and remain calm when faced with challenges and this is the behaviour I want my kids to learn and copy. I actually have been noticing that when I remain calm my children gain control of themselves faster. And I realize that I can get the results I want without yelling, by finding alternatives.


My 4yo working hard on something really small

As for my lapse on Day 17, well, it really was more of a snap than a full out yell. My 4yo was just not listening, again, and, again, I was trying to get my 3 boys out of the house in the morning by myself so my 4yo could get on his school bus (it seems this is my most frequent yelling time in the past and continues to be a challenge, daily). Well, he just wasn’t getting ready and I was feeling stressed and we were running late, and I was tired and I just snapped at him and slightly raised my voice to tell him to get ready. Now even though I am a little disappointed that I have to start over, I do feel that I have come a long way in a short time (before I would have yelled loudly at him, multiple times until he was ready, but this time it was a mere snap, short, not too loud and I regained control of myself and carried on more calmly) This to me is progress, and I know I can do it and I am aiming for my 30 days.

So 5 days in, again, and I am feeling confidant. I know my family is appreciating the more calm household. It is a challenge some days but a challenge that is worth it, I can see the benefits already. The biggest benefit I found for myself is that I don’t have any more regrets at the end of day about yelling at my kids and that is what keeps me going on this challenge.

So if anyone else wants to start this challenge just go for it! Let me know how you are doing or if you need any tips just ask. I’d be more than happy to listen/help or send you on over to the Orange Rhino where there is a whole community of support.


My 4 month old is growing so fast

Here’s to a great, calm, week everyone!


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