Heartfelt Toys

DSC00914We have toys…everywhere! I am sure if you have kids you have toys too. Well, I am at the point, having a 3rd son, that I don’t want anymore plastic toys in my house. They just seem to end up breaking or falling apart or quite frankly being forgotten by the boys. In the end I give them to the Thrift shop or throw them in the garbage. I mean there are some toys that are plastic that are great, like the lego and playmobil and a few others, but on the whole the wooden toys seem to last longer and all the boys love them!


So in the spirit of giving my 4 month old a new toy with “tags” (he seems to love anything with “tags”), I decided to make one instead of buying one. I also wanted to create something heartfelt, that would last a while. I wanted something simple he could hold and chew on. I went looking for a simple wooden ring but couldn’t find the size I liked that was natural wood. So my wonderful husband made a wooden ring out of wood leftover from another project and I told him it doesn’t have to be perfect. Often things that are not perfect are more interesting to look at and touch and explore. So he made me a ring and sanded it smooth and rubbed some beeswax on it. Then I took a different assortment of ribbons (different widths, colours, textures) and tied them on the ring. And Voila! A new unique toy for my baby!

DSC01045 DSC01047

It turned out so well, my baby loves it and so does my 4yo. I now have to make another one for my 4yo but with much longer ribbons, I have seen them for sale on-line, called Hand Kites, but my son wants me to make it for him. There is something to be said about the part of the toy that is heartfelt that makes it so much better in the eyes of a child.


Now my 3yo wanted a boat for the bath, we have a few but he wanted one Daddy made. So my husband took him down to the tiny workshop in our basement and made a boat out of wood with him. An awesome experience for the two of them to make something wonderful together for my 3yo to play with. My 3yo had very particular plans for this boat and as we found out later he was trying to make it look like Grampa’s sail boat. I think they did an awesome job and even painted it like Grampa’s. I made a sail for the boat for them out of fabric from my scrap stash. The boat is now not just a toy but a memory for my 3yo and an accomplishment that he made something.

My husband, I and the kids are already planning our next heartfelt creations. I have been inspired by Waldorf Education and their philosophy on toys, I really like the idea of having more natural toys around the house. There’s nothing like a heartfelt toy. It’s doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to come from a loving heart.



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