My Challenge Keeps Going…

DSC01040I made it only 8 days this time…so I will have to start my challenge yet again. The Orange Rhino challenge is proving to be a difficult one, but I am determined to start again and succeed (Check out Yelling and Do Over if you are new to my blog). Today will be day 2, and I am trying to figure out what happened the other day when I yelled at the boys.


Yellow (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This is what I saw in my head, but it wasn’t really that bad.

I guess I had just cleaned and mopped the floor when my 2 sons decided it would be a great time to put on their dirty rubber boots and tramp all over the wet floor with them. Well it was bedtime, the end of the day, and obviously the end of my patience. So I yelled for them to take their boots off. You may think, it was just a little dirt, and yes it was, but I guess I was tired of cleaning at this point and my emotion got the better of me. I  realize it was not something that needed yelling and I am working on it.

I didn’t yell to the extent that I even realized at the time that I was yelling, but I later recognized I did. My husband is actually the one who pointed it out to me, it’s funny how what we perceive of ourselves and what others see is sometimes very different. Once he pointed out what he saw, I could then see myself from an outside view. The sound level of my voice was actually louder than what I thought. This is good info. for me, I can keep this in mind from now on and learn to check myself and think before I talk.

I am learning a lot about myself through this challenge and I am starting to make some positive changes.


Here is to day 2 going well. I can make 30 days, I can make 30 days….I just need to remember that I can do it!


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