En Plein Air Painting

DSC01087Since the weather was nice last week I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible. With warm sunshine the boys and I could enjoy what Spring has to offer, the playgrounds, our deck, getting the soil ready for planting, etc.

My 3yo wanted to paint one day, so I thought what a perfect day to paint en plein air! I dug up our easel out of the basement (which I am now just planning to leave outside for summer), and went to work helping him set up the paints and paper.


He seemed invigorated by the warm weather and excited to create something outside!

He went straight to work and mixed colour after colour creating his masterpiece! Once finished I asked him if he would like to try painting on tinfoil, of course he said yes! I found this idea on line here.

DSC01098I first started with an old cereal box, flattened, and then wrapped and taped tinfoil to it. Using a different medium instead of paper created even more excitement and drew up some more creativity. My 3yo had a blast and when finished decided to get a little goofy for the camera. Funny thing is, he didn’t even know he had paint on his nose until I showed him the pictures!DSC01105


So of course, once my 4yo got home from school, he wanted to paint outside too, he opted for doing two paintings on paper and wasn’t interested in tinfoil, as it seems he had plans for exactly what he was going to paint and was quite serious and methodical about it.

DSC01111While 4yo painted, 3yo used chalk on the chalkboard on the other side, all the while my 5 month old sat watching, intently.

Once the chalk was done my 3yo played in his newly grown “field” in the sandbox with his animals and trucks. So, of course,…..dirt…..DSC01123happens…..all over the 5mth olds body, I had to get a picture of this as the boys thought this was hilarious and my baby didn’t care one bit, ah, he is fitting in nicely already.


All in all the boys did some pretty awesome art, loved every second being outside and minimal clean-up as the rain will wash most of it away (and the washing machine the rest).




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