Giant Floor Farmland

DSC01189DSC01182After my 4yo got home from school the other day we decided to make a giant floor farmland scene. My boys decided it would be great to have a large area to play with all their farm toys and also an area where their baby brother could play too. Sometimes they are very thoughtful. It is in these times that I realize how great and loving my boys are, I mean sure they fight all the time, but sometimes they do get along and I see the love and kindness between them and how they think of their baby brother and try to include and play with him.

We started our farmland by building a hill out of pillows and covering it, and the carpet area, with a brown sheet. Then they went to work adding their farm, animals, fences, a pond made out of blue cardboard, sticks and branches and even some rocks and nests. The scene became quite elaborate and at times the boys did fight over where to put things, however in the end they agreed on placement and when complete all three boys sat and played happily. They made sure their baby brother had “appropriate” animals to play with and the rest was for them.DSC01178 DSC01176

DSC01186 DSC01180It was one of those moments I cherish when they all play nicely and I could just sit and watch; one of those times when everything else I had to do just had to wait, while I look on and try to capture every moment in my mind. These precious moments go by so quickly that I made sure to stop and watch and not say a word. After a while one, then the other decided they had enough of the farm and went to go do something else, a diaper had to be changed and then life went back to normal, to the daily chores. And so life goes.

It is so important to make sure to stop every now and then and just watch, don’t say anything, just watch. And sometimes all it takes to create these precious moments is a sheet and a few toys put together in a new way.


A Precious Moment


4 thoughts on “Giant Floor Farmland

  1. love this!
    and you are so right about about stopping as the parent and just watching. as my kids get older, i find they want me to get the game or activity started, but don’t actually need me to hang-out and facilitate things. i love listening to their interactions!
    love the photo’s!

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