Making a House, sort of…


My 3yo wanted to make a craft and I needed an idea quick. So I went to here and found this make a house craft for our inspiration. I love the Nurture Store website as they constantly have great ideas to play with your kids.

Now of course my 3yo didn’t want to make a house like the one we found

DSC01165on-line, but it was the inspiration behind his mixed-media craft.

We found many different kinds of papers to use, got out the scissors and glue and found other random materials in their craft supplies he wanted to add.

DSC01161He went right to work and did not need my help except when too much glue came pouring out of the bottle.

DSC01169When all finished he told me his craft was a “House Rocket Ship, flying to the moon and has a giant engine (the big brown piece of paper)”. I think he took the idea of creating a house to a whole new level and completely made it his own. He was so proud of his “House Rocket Ship” he had to show his brother and Daddy as soon as they came home!

 DSC01170 “House Rocket Ship”


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