Pattern Necklaces

We brought a little math into our after school fun today….Pattern Necklaces!


Excited to get started!

We used pipe cleaners, beads, buttons, and round paper hole punch outs.


Working on their patterns

The boys picked their pipe cleaners and went to work creating patterns of their choice. My 4yo is quite good at creating patterns now as he learned about them in school a lot. So he choose an ABCC pattern of wood bead, paper punch out, button, button. He was set on this pattern and worked diligently on it until completed. My 3yo on the other hand did a simple ABAB pattern of yellow, blue, yellow, blue. I am excited that he knew what a pattern was and created it all on his own! However, he was not happy with his and destroyed it and decided to create many different patterns with different pipe cleaners until he had a simple necklace of just the paper punch outs.

DSC01222 DSC01223

Intense Concentration!

They both really enjoyed making something they could wear and use to attach to their trucks to pull around. They didn’t even realize they were doing math and improving their fine motor skills. I just love how learning can be so much fun!


Finished necklaces, 4yo even added a pipe cleaner looking glass.

And I was lucky enough to have my 5 month old playing happily on the carpet with his toys, being cute, of course.



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