Playdough Part 2

So if you remember my first Playdough post  I was originally going to try a sensory herb smelling playdough activity, but we got sidetracked. So this time we kept the playdough inside on a rainy day and brought the outside, inside. Then decided to try our Sensory playdough activity.

DSC01339 DSC01346

We started off with some mint leaves and chives to mix into the playdough. The boys spent some time cutting up their leaves so they could be mixed in better and went to work smelling their fingers and playdough. Poking holes to put the hebs in and cutting up the playdough with scissors and then with a makeshift wooden “knife”. My 4yo even decided to get out his magnifying glass to investigate his herb smelling playdough.


DSC01357As time went on they decided to add some of their objects from outside and from our Nature table to create sculptures. Quite elaborate ones too!

They worked side by side so diligently that I would have thought they had a serious job to do. And I guess playing and creating is a serious job to a 3 and 4 year old.

DSC01356My 4yo found some coral from our nature table to make some interesting patterns in the playdough .

Eventually I had to leave them to their playdough as my 6mth old was getting upset with the lack of attention.DSC01361

Once he was able to stand and walk around he was happy again.


Here is my 4 year olds final sculpture. He said it was a world and an island on it.DSC01365

Herb smelling playdough was a hit and of course went in a direction I didn’t plan which was even better!

If you are in need of a good playdough recipe check my post here for a recipe I use and works for me every time.


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