Potato Printing

DSC01311We were home all day, I was under the weather along with my 4yo, but my 3yo was feeling a little antsy (being the healthy one at the time). I needed something quick, fun and unusual.

Here is a quick and simple fun activity to whip up when you need something exciting to do.

Potato Printing!

I cut a couple of potatoes in half and cut little handles in them so they were easy to use, then set out some paint in trays and let my 3yo go for it and have some fun!

DSC01324 DSC01314

DSC01319He started out printing with them, then decided he wanted to mix colours together to make some abstract art.  He had a blast and it was minimal work for me. I was able to just sit back and watch while he painted.


My 6 month old baby and my 4yo were playing trains together nicely, and by nicely I mean my oldest was letting my baby take train tracks to chew on and not get upset with him, even when he ruined the track being built. Ah, it’s nice to see true brother love once in a while.

DSC01328 DSC01326


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