5 Little Monkeys…

DSC01454Monkeys are always a hit in my house. From Curious George to Sock Monkeys to my boys acting like Monkeys themselves. At one point my 4yo said matter of fact-ly “I am a Monkey, Mommy”.

So today I decided to take one of our Monkey books “Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car” and make it into a whole activity.

First we read the book outside, then used all our materials to recreate the story.

DSC01419 DSC01467We had a car (in our case trucks that we didn’t mind getting painted), 5 little monkeys and a Mama monkey, a crocodile, some paint and a brush, a spray bottle filled with water and vanilla (the perfume), and 2 containers, one filled with soapy water and the other filled with “mud”.DSC01410

The idea was to let my 3yo (and later my 4yo) retell the story in his own way giving him a few sensory materials (the mud, water, vanilla scented spray) and let him explore. Retelling is a great pre-reading activity to help increase the brains memory and create logical sequences. My 3yo needed some prompts to help with the sequence, but when my 4yo got home from school and wanted to do the activity, he very easily recreated the story sequence all on his own.

They first washed their cars.DSC01426

Then went to work painting them.

DSC01435 DSC01478

Sprayed “Perfume”

DSC01438 DSC01486

Got stuck in the “Brown Swampy Mud”

DSC01441 DSC01482

They had a blast with the activity and then of course had to eat some bananas for a snack!


DSC01489Give this activity a try. Your child will not even realize they are learning! So fun!


It seems that my 4yo and I like to tilt our heads the same way for pictures!

I guess I know where he gets it from now.


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