I don’t like cooking, plain and simple I hate having to come up with ideas for dinner everyday, but I have to or else we would never eat. I mean I love eating and I love eating good healthy food (and sometimes unhealthy). But I really don’t like cooking. Baking on the other hand I do like to do. I don’t really know what the difference is but for some reason I enjoy baking, and it doesn’t matter if it is cookies, cakes or bread, baking just seems to be more enjoyable. So we bake a lot in our house as the boys love baking too.

However, I do not let my detest of cooking meals show and I try to instil a love of cooking in my boys so they will learn how to cook and enjoy doing it. So far they love being in the kitchen with me cooking whatever it is, as long as they get to help.

DSC01250I decided to make a Ribbon Zucchini Lemon Pasta dish the other day and both boys were ready and eager to help out. They helped grate the zucchini into ribbons and then my 4yo got to stir the zucchini in the pot to stir fry it. He loved this as this was the first time I let him help on the stove, I thought he was ready and clearly he was as he did a great job!

While my 4yo stirred, my 3yo was working on the lemons to get the juice for the pasta dish. I think he was also eating some of the lemon while he worked (both boys love the taste of lemon).


Then my 4yo helped put the ingredients into the pot and stirred some more.


DSC01265Once we finished the pasta dish they both watched intently as Daddy fried up some Lentil patties (a job too dangerous for them to help). They never took their eyes off the pan, I am sure they are learning exactly how to make them and when old enough will be able to help. We also had another little watcher in the kitchen the whole time, our 6 month old eagerly watched on while chewing on a baby rice cracker.


Sometimes I am really amazed that all 5 of us can fit in our small kitchen. I hope that by making meals together we instil a love of cooking, or at least an appreciation of it. I know for sure our boys will know how to cook on their own one day, so far they love helping!


Almost ready to eat!

Now what to have for dinner tonight? Hmmm….


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