Ships Ahoy!

DSC01553Today was the 1st day of Summer vacation with all 3 boys home on a Tuesday and no plans. We had a very busy long weekend and I figured we would just take it easy today.

So what did we do? Well, the boys played with blocks and then when I put my baby down for a nap my 3yo and 4yo and I decided to get out the giant cardboard boxes we have been saving for months and built a sailboat!

DSC01555The cardboard was very tough so I had to do most of the cutting, but overall we all worked very hard and came up with a sailboat that was designed by all 3 of us. The boys really wanted a door that closed so the “water” wouldn’t come in when the boat was sailing, and a big sail on top to catch the “wind”.

They got out their markers and coloured their ship and wrote their names on it of course.

DSC01560 DSC01563

The boys even managed to add a steering wheel out of a paper plate and plastic spoon all by themselves when I went to get my 6 month old when he woke up.

They played in their sailboat quite a bit and are planning on making some fishing poles tomorrow so they can fish while they sail.


The sailboat is very large so it can fit all three kids easily. The only problem…it takes up quite a lot of space in my small living room. I wonder how long we will have this boat right in the middle of the room? I figure if they are playing happily with it and getting along, I can tolerate it taking up space for a long time. We will have to see how long it will stick around before they get bored of it and want some space back for something else.

DSC01575 DSC01579For now, this Mama is happy they are playing together nicely and all the boys are happy with their creation and making wonderful imaginative play!

Ships Ahoy everyone!


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