Treasure Box: Music

My Two oldest boys are at summer camp for the mornings this week, so this gives me and my baby some much needed alone time together. Sometimes I feel that he doesn’t get all the attention he deserves with all the boys home for the summer. So we are making the most of this weeks mornings.

I decided to create a Treasure Box of Music for my 6 month old this week. He loves taking things out of a basket or box and looking at it and then tossing it and finding something else. Most of the time he tries to find something that is extra good to chew on, so I had to make sure everything in his treasure box could go in his mouth and was not a choking hazard. I also know he likes anything shiny and colourful, so I tried to add lots of safe metal and bits of colour.

I came up with this:DSC01655

  • 2 plastic pop bottles, one filled with red rice, the other with chick peas
  • plastic spice jar filled with orange split peas
  • 2 soup spoons: one metal, one wood
  • baby safe enclosed bell
  • small metal pot lid
  • small plastic yellow lid
  • very small homemade drum I made years ago
  • small drumstick
  • 2 large round soft rocks (well cleaned)
  • metal baking pan to hold all the items


Well, the treasure box was a hit! He loved taking out all the objects and investigating them. Everything went in his mouth to taste of course. His favourite at first was, surprisingly, the homemade drum. But after going through all the objects he stayed with the shiny metal soup spoon for quite some time.

DSC01658 DSC01666

Once my oldest boys came home they immediately saw the new “instruments” and went to play with their baby brother. They got right to it and started making music and investigating the objects. They even went into the kitchen to grab a few more larger pots and lids to really make some music!


The “Band” making some music!

My 3yo really enjoyed banging the “drums”, shaking the “rattles” and singing. While my 4yo decided to get a little creative and make a new instrument out of the metal soup spoon, metal lid and an elastic band. A sort of “cymbal” that he hit with the drumstick.

DSC01681 DSC01678

They all had a great time together, and that’s the part that I couldn’t have planned, even if I wanted to. Sometimes, the best of times just have to happen on their own.

DSC01686 DSC01672

And yes, that is my 6 month old standing by himself, something he has been working on for a few days now. He can not only crawl, he can pull himself up and is trying to cruise around the furniture. Oh boy! I am in trouble now! Time to baby proof the tops of the tables.

For more ideas on what to include in your music box/basket you can check out this website where I got some of my ides from.



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