Patterns, Beads and Play Dough! Oh My!

DSC01999The boys love play dough, and beads. So how could I not take advantage and have them do a little Math!

We started by rolling a big ball of play dough then sticking some wooden skewers into the play dough. I talked to them about patterns (they are getting very familiar with patterns now, so they don’t need much of a lesson anymore, just some encouragement to try a harder pattern). My 4yo just kept saying “I know, Mom. I know how to do patterns!”

Then they started creating patterns with their beads and making “Towers” as they called it.

DSC02001 DSC02003

I gave them some freedom and tried not to intervene too much, just ask a few questions here and there. I gave a little help to my 3yo to make sure he double checked his work to keep his pattern going correctly.


As usual, they were very impressed with how the “Towers” turned out. They were beaming big smiles when they were all done!

DSC02016 DSC02017

It’s a quick math activity to do with the kids to get their minds working and create some pride in themselves! Very easy to set-up and clean-up, perfect for those times when you just need something small to do. Have fun!



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