Heartfelt Toys: Peg People

Some of you may remember my post on Heartfelt Toys. Well, I finally got around to making some more heartfelt toys for my boys.

Toys do take a while for me to make, as finding time to do it always proves difficult between taking care of the family, my work for my sons preschool (as I am the President), making baby blanket gifts for other people’s newborns, etc… the list goes on, as I am sure you have quite an extensive list of your own. Toys for my own kids seem to get pushed back more than the other things on my list as we are not in short supply of toys in my house. However, it is the toys that we make with love that generally get the most used around here, so I am glad that I finally finished another one.

This time I made some wooden peg dolls with matching cups. All in all, it actually didn’t take me very long to do the project, once I found the time.


I was inspired by the Waldorf wooden toys out there and thought I could make my boys 7 peg dolls. I bought the dolls and the cups at Lee Valley (very inexpensive) and then my husband made the holes in the cups bigger so the dolls would fit right inside nicely. I then taped around the heads and edge of the cups to leave some natural wood showing. I used  kids acrylic non-toxic paint and DSC02050painted the dolls and cups matching colours. It took about 4 or 5 coats of paint for some of the colours and only 2 or 3 coats for some others. My boys even helped with some of the painting, which was a nice added touch as they now feel they helped create the toys as well.

Once all the painting was done, I simply peeled off the tape and Ta Da! They looked awesome! My boys can now use the peg dolls to play with, do some colour matching with the cups, and we even did some complimentary colour matching for them to see what the opposites of each colour are; for example the opposite of blue is orange. Now, I decided to leave the faces blank and have no details so as my boys cold pretend that the peg dolls were anybody or anything they want, and have whatever feelings they want the dolls to have, I wanted to give them as much freedom as possible with the peg dolls to use their imagination.


We are planning to build our own peg doll tree house, and then the peg dolls will get even more use. I also have a plan to knit a few hats for the peg dolls, but again, haven’t got to that yet. I will in time. Heartfelt toys are always loved around here, they add so much more value to the toy. A little love goes a long way!



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