10 Drowsy Dinosaurs: Math Extension Activity

If you have been reading my blog awhile now, you know I like to bring Math into our learning at home.

DSC02248My 3 year old and I started our activity by reading the book “10 Drowsy Dinosaurs”. It is great for learning to read, learning colours, and math of course. My 3 yo likes it because he can contribute to the reading aspect by saying the colour of the dinosaurs and counting how many dinosaurs for each new page.DSC02277

After we read the story, I had my son flip over little cards labeled 1-10, one at a time and make a corresponding card with matching dinosaur stickers to show the number. Great activity for number recognition, matching, and counting.

DSC02251 DSC02253


Once all the number and dinosaur cards were complete (the numbers were not in order) he then made a number line with the number cards, then continued to match the dinosaur cards underneath the numbers. This all involved counting the dinosaur cards numerous times, thus improving his memory by repetition.
DSC02262 DSC02265

He was so proud when they were all in a number line that he then went looking in my box of number cards and found my cards with dots that show each number. He wanted to do more! So of course I said sure! He wants to learn right now, we will continue.


We talked about how each new dot card represented a number and he could figure it out by counting the dots. So he did just that, and added them to the number line in the proper places. More counting and number recognition practise!


Now I thought we were done and then he saw the written words for the numbers cards. Well, you can guess it….we read each card together, as he is still learning to read, and then he found the correct spot on the number line to add the written word, again more number recognition but this time with some reading involved.

We were finally finished our activity. I really had planned to only do the first part of the activity and stop, maybe 20 min. But the activity changed and evolved and I believe we spent about an hour doing this activity. Time well spent I’d say. Lucky for us my 11th month old was sleeping peacefully this afternoon so we had plenty of time to pursue my sons math adventure.  And of course, we had time to pretend to be dinosaurs…as you can see below!


Just a side note….you can do this activity with any counting picture book….if you have stickers to match the book you are set!


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