Hot Chocolate Stand

My boys decided, with the cold weather upon us, to create a Hot Chocolate Stand.

This was an impromptu stand that we simply created with what we had lying around…no planning or Pinterest looking was involved. We simply went with an idea and flew with it. Sometimes, these kinds of moments, whims, are really what make the playing even more magical!


We turned our train table top upside down so it was just a green table top, got out our play food, some trays, some real dishes from our cupboards, our play money and calculator, notepad and pencils. Used some wood pieces for bread and biscuits and conveniently had a couple of unused Tim Hortons cups lying around.

DSC02284 DSC02278

We then set to work on making a Hot Chocolate sign to hang over our stand.


All three boys were able to participate in the play that happened at the Hot Chocolate Stand, and of course I was a constant customer drinking hot chocolate and eating muffins and paying large amounts of fake money for my beverages.

It was a great, entertaining time for all…and my eldest son even threw in some math by adding up customers orders on his calculator!


Sometimes I love being able to just drop everything and play!  Make sure to make some time during this busy season to play too!


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