Winter Small World

There are many ideas for creating a winter scene in a box for your little ones to participate in imaginary play. I searched the web and found a million ideas on Pinterest. Here is a page of ideas.

DSC02369For our own Winter Small World we took a plastic container that could close tightly so my 1 year old could not open and the small world would be kept safe when not in use. We taped cotton batting all around, put in a tinfoil skating rink, added blue paper for a night sky with tree and star stickers to decorate. Then we added Playmobil animals and people, pine cones and a few other outdoor winter items we found around the house to make it unique and fun to play with. Very simple to put together, but creates a lot of imaginary play. So go ahead, make a Winter Small World of your own, you can use whatever you have laying around and let the kids help, sometimes creating it is the best part, I know my kids love creating the world themselves and would be disappointed if I did it for them.

DSC02366 DSC02368


Both boys seem to enjoy the Winter make believe play.

DSC02373 DSC02376

My 5yo added the pine cone people we made the other day and thought they should play in the Winter World instead of the Playmobil people, so we took out the people and left the pine cone people instead….he may be onto something, the pine cone people do look more at home in the small world.

DSC02507 DSC02505

And of course, getting a picture of my 5 year old always proves to be interesting!

Happy Winter Holidays Everyone!


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