Snow, Cold, and More Snow!

DSC02574It has been crazy snowy and cold around here for the last month or so!

And I don’t mean just chilly….I mean downright minus 30 cold!

So on the days when it is not an ice storm, snow storm or freezing weather, we have had some fun times out in the snow!


All my boys love the snow! They love playing in it, sledding in it, and even shovelling it! I hope they continue this love of shovelling as they grow older, I will appreciate the help.



DSC02768So today, as it is starting to get really cold outside again, thinking tomorrow will not be an outside play day, I brought some snow in after school time for my three boys to play with. This was an extra special treat for my 1 year old who does not get to play with snow too often, especially with his bare hands! I am sure the touching and feeling of the snow between his fingers was a new experience, seeing how the snow changed the more he touched it was most likely intriguing to him. He enjoyed the activity immensely.



As for my other two older boys, they thought it was great having snow inside to play with, something they have done at school but never thought they would do at home! They made miniature snowmen, scooped, bulldozed, filled cups, made snow balls and even made a winter scene with “real snow”!

What I enjoyed most about the activity was that all three brothers could play side by side, interact, have fun and it kept their imaginations going for quite some time. It is rare that all three have something they can do all together, and this made me happiest of all!


So here is to snow, I am sure we are still in for some more before the Spring arrives, and based on the weather we have had, I think this will be a long cold, snowy winter.  We are going to enjoy it as much as possible….I hope you do too!



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