Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere!

Last week was March Break here, we started off the week with a bang before my oldest boys had sleepover’s at cousins and grandparents houses!

I was able to bring all three boys together at the dinning table to play together and experience some sensory activity playtime. An occurrence that rarely happens as usually my toddler is left out of the really fun activities due to his age difference from the other two. But I thought if we could make enough bubbles to play with, they could all join in on the fun!


DSC03090So it started with me making bubbles in the kitchen from dish soap and water, then skimming off the bubbles and placing in a pot and then dumping the pot o’ bubbles onto the table. I had laid out various toys on the table, all appropriate for my 15 month old to play with but still fun for my 4 and 5 year olds too. Some mega Lego blocks, a few animals, a bus and some toddler Playmobil. All toys were able to get wet and wouldn’t ruin.


I then returned to the kitchen and made more and more bubbles! I made bubbles for quite some time, but it was worth it as all three had a glorious time playing at the table. My toddler thought it was great to finally be able to participate in a fun activity with his brothers.


My 4 and 5 yr olds gravitated towards the building blocks and made some snow ploughs to push the bubbles around.


Eventually I stopped making bubbles, and was able to just watch them play until the bubbles ran out, to which my 5 yr old said “Mom, all the bubbles are disappearing, we need more bubbles!” But my time in the kitchen was over, so hence, bubble play eventually ended as well.

DSC03088 DSC03089

We will definitely do this activity again, it was a hit! And if you decide to do this activity, make sure the kids are wearing aprons (they will get wet), and you don’t mind the table and floor getting wet as it is impossible to keep the bubbles on the table. Although on the bright side, after the clean-up is done you have clean toys, a clean table and a clean floor.

Now go and play!


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