Playdough for the First Time!

Playdough…always one of my favourite go to activities when we have nothing else to do and need something quick! We received a lot of little containers of already made Playdough, in bright colours, for Christmas. So I thought now was a good time to introduce my just turned 1 year old to Playdough!

He LOVED it! His expression was priceless and the smiles kept coming. I did have to keep an intense eye on him to prevent him from trying to eat/taste/bite it, but it was so worth it! I sat behind him and gave him some small pieces to play with, explore, stretch, squish and so on. I even rolled him a few balls and long “worms” for him to experiment with.

DSC02717 DSC02702

My 3yo always enjoys Playdough, so they both played alongside each other and my 1yo thought it was awesome to do something he has seen his older brother do before and previously wasn’t allowed to. They had a great time, and it’s always nice to see them playing together. They played for about 30 minutes before my 1yo was tired and needed a nap.


I am not sure how young most people let their children play with Playdough, but in our house at the age of 1 we deem old enough and just make sure they don’t eat it. How old did any of you introduce or plan to introduce Playdough? I am curious as to the responses ¬†other children have to it for the first time.



Winter Small World

There are many ideas for creating a winter scene in a box for your little ones to participate in imaginary play. I searched the web and found a million ideas on Pinterest. Here is a page of ideas.

DSC02369For our own Winter Small World we took a plastic container that could close tightly so my 1 year old could not open and the small world would be kept safe when not in use. We taped cotton batting all around, put in a tinfoil skating rink, added blue paper for a night sky with tree and star stickers to decorate. Then we added Playmobil animals and people, pine cones and a few other outdoor winter items we found around the house to make it unique and fun to play with. Very simple to put together, but creates a lot of imaginary play. So go ahead, make a Winter Small World of your own, you can use whatever you have laying around and let the kids help, sometimes creating it is the best part, I know my kids love creating the world themselves and would be disappointed if I did it for them.

DSC02366 DSC02368


Both boys seem to enjoy the Winter make believe play.

DSC02373 DSC02376

My 5yo added the pine cone people we made the other day and thought they should play in the Winter World instead of the Playmobil people, so we took out the people and left the pine cone people instead….he may be onto something, the pine cone people do look more at home in the small world.

DSC02507 DSC02505

And of course, getting a picture of my 5 year old always proves to be interesting!

Happy Winter Holidays Everyone!

Pattern Noodle Necklaces

The boys and I have been reading a book we got out of the library called “Adding it up”. It’s a get ready for Kindergarten book that the boys picked out. We all thought it was a story book, and it kind of is, except every page has an activity you can do. It is all about math from adding to graphs to patterns, and the boys seem really keen on trying out all the activities. We have done about half the book so far and I thought I would share one of the activities from it that we tried.

DSC01591We read the page about patterns, and we have been working on patterns at home for a little while now so they we able to figure out the patterns in the book very quickly. Then the activity was to make a pattern noodle necklace. Well, it said to paint the noodles different colours then let it dry, however my boys don’t like to wait around, so instead we went all natural and used tri-colour pasta and went right to making patterns with green, yellow and orange pasta.

DSC01593 DSC01597

DSC01589I attached a yarn needle to the end of the yarn to make it easier to thread the noodles on since the noodles didn’t have a very large holes. Then the boys came up with their own patterns. My 3yo went with a simple ABC pattern of yellow, orange, green; while my 4yo went with a more complex ABABAC pattern of yellow, green, yellow, green, yellow, orange.

DSC01601It was quite difficult to keep my crawling 6 month old from getting into everything as you can see, and when I took it away from him he became very upset. Poor baby, he just wants to do everything his big brothers do.


When they finished they were proud of their necklaces. They did a great job and now they have beautiful pattern necklaces to wear around!

DSC01598 DSC01606

Have you tried making noodle necklaces with your kids? Give it a try! It’s a great way to sneak some math into a craft and learn about patterns!

DSC01607 DSC01599

My boys being silly!

Pattern Necklaces

We brought a little math into our after school fun today….Pattern Necklaces!


Excited to get started!

We used pipe cleaners, beads, buttons, and round paper hole punch outs.


Working on their patterns

The boys picked their pipe cleaners and went to work creating patterns of their choice. My 4yo is quite good at creating patterns now as he learned about them in school a lot. So he choose an ABCC pattern of wood bead, paper punch out, button, button. He was set on this pattern and worked diligently on it until completed. My 3yo on the other hand did a simple ABAB pattern of yellow, blue, yellow, blue. I am excited that he knew what a pattern was and created it all on his own! However, he was not happy with his and destroyed it and decided to create many different patterns with different pipe cleaners until he had a simple necklace of just the paper punch outs.

DSC01222 DSC01223

Intense Concentration!

They both really enjoyed making something they could wear and use to attach to their trucks to pull around. They didn’t even realize they were doing math and improving their fine motor skills. I just love how learning can be so much fun!


Finished necklaces, 4yo even added a pipe cleaner looking glass.

And I was lucky enough to have my 5 month old playing happily on the carpet with his toys, being cute, of course.