Moon Dust and Pom Poms!

My three boys all love anything about Space; stories, toys, you name it they like it!

DSC02989I thought it would be fun to make them a Small World play area centred around space, and make it a sensory activity as well. I found this awesome post by The Imagination Tree on how to make Moon Dust and create a Lunar Small World. Follow the link if you want some detailed instructions on how to create your own.

I decided to make the Moon sand and create the small world by myself and have it as a surprise for my boys this time, instead of involving them in making it. Sometimes it’s nice for them to have a little surprise.

DSC03012 DSC02996

We started off the activity by reading a variety of books centred around the topic of space, some fiction and some non-fiction books. I then got the small world out for my 4 and 5 year olds and opened it up. I left it up to them to explore on their own and play. It was nice to see them playing make-believe together.


When my 1-year-old got a chance to explore the Lunar Land, he was very interested in the Moon Dust and was all about the sensory part of the activity. It became a little messy, but nothing a little broom couldn’t handle.

DSC03069 DSC03072

It ended up being a great small world, one that all three boys could enjoy!


DSC02915As for Pom Pom’s, well who doesn’t like Pom Pom’s? When you want something quick and easy to entertain and improve fine motor skills in a 1 yr old, Pom Pom’s are the best thing around.


I got out a small muffin tin, a bunch of pom pom’s, an empty tissue box, a toilet paper tube, a plastic and metal container, and some tongs.

DSC02919 DSC02917

My 1 year old, and even his older brothers had fun playing with the pom pom’s, sorting them, using the tongs to move them, putting them in and taking them out of the tissue box and containers, and of course throwing them up into the air and watching them fall!


Best thing about pom pom’s is that when the activity is over you just pick them up and put them away….no mess!


I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely day….Happy Mothers Day!


En Plein Air Painting

DSC01087Since the weather was nice last week I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible. With warm sunshine the boys and I could enjoy what Spring has to offer, the playgrounds, our deck, getting the soil ready for planting, etc.

My 3yo wanted to paint one day, so I thought what a perfect day to paint en plein air! I dug up our easel out of the basement (which I am now just planning to leave outside for summer), and went to work helping him set up the paints and paper.


He seemed invigorated by the warm weather and excited to create something outside!

He went straight to work and mixed colour after colour creating his masterpiece! Once finished I asked him if he would like to try painting on tinfoil, of course he said yes! I found this idea on line here.

DSC01098I first started with an old cereal box, flattened, and then wrapped and taped tinfoil to it. Using a different medium instead of paper created even more excitement and drew up some more creativity. My 3yo had a blast and when finished decided to get a little goofy for the camera. Funny thing is, he didn’t even know he had paint on his nose until I showed him the pictures!DSC01105


So of course, once my 4yo got home from school, he wanted to paint outside too, he opted for doing two paintings on paper and wasn’t interested in tinfoil, as it seems he had plans for exactly what he was going to paint and was quite serious and methodical about it.

DSC01111While 4yo painted, 3yo used chalk on the chalkboard on the other side, all the while my 5 month old sat watching, intently.

Once the chalk was done my 3yo played in his newly grown “field” in the sandbox with his animals and trucks. So, of course,…..dirt…..DSC01123happens…..all over the 5mth olds body, I had to get a picture of this as the boys thought this was hilarious and my baby didn’t care one bit, ah, he is fitting in nicely already.


All in all the boys did some pretty awesome art, loved every second being outside and minimal clean-up as the rain will wash most of it away (and the washing machine the rest).



Working for a Snack


I thought I would share with you a math activity I did with my boys. I decided to get a little creative with their snack after E’s school.  I had each of my boys practise writing out their numbers from 1-12. My 4yo (E) is able to do this without much help now and my 3yo (W) I had copy over numbers that were already dotted lines as he needs a little more help.

Once they each wrote their numbers, they then had to put the numbers in order in their muffin trays.


After the hard part was done came the fun and very tempting part…counting out the yummy treats to match the numbers and fill the muffin tins correctly…without eating ANY!

They actually, surprisingly, were able to administer self control and went straight to work. As for the yummy treats, I provided 4 different bowls of goodies…


raisons, almonds, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows

E even decided on his own to create an AB pattern with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows, however I told him for his last row of the muffin tin to make a pattern using the healthy treats as he ran out of marshmallows. W made up the number amounts using all the snacks and needed a little help counting the raisons as they stuck together a little, but he definitely got the idea of counting and did really well.


After all this hard work, they were so proud of themselves and the reward was they got to  finally eat their snack! It was actually interesting to see how E decided to eat his snack in order from 1 to 12, while W ate from whatever muffin tin he was in the mood for at that moment.


Boys on a mission to eat their snack…finally.

They loved the muffin tin activity so much that I ended up having to serve them dinner in the muffin trays…too funny!

I will definitely be doing this activity again, especially when berries are in season as I think they would be perfect for counting!

Fun with Math

We did a little math this afternoon, being home and all I figured we should do some learning.


We started off making a clothesline and writing our numbers from 0 – 12 on paper. Then clothes pinned our numbers to the line. Then the boys went on a hunt to find objects around the house and put in bags and attach to the correct number on the line.


The boys loved the activity, I don’t think they even realized they were doing any learning (writing, fine motor control with the clothes pins, number sequence, sorting).


They even thought is was fun taking everything off the line and letting them fall.

Here’s to Fun with Math this afternoon!