Toddler and Mommy Time!

So this is what my youngest and I do while his older brothers are away for a few days at their grandparents! A little painting, and little fun with pipe cleaners and a little, much needed, relaxing for me.

DSC02860 DSC02849

DSC02850The other day we did some painting with child friendly acrylic paint and I gave him some brushes to use. Of course his first thought was to put the brush in his mouth, but after redirecting him to use it to paint with instead, he had a blast painting! He painted, mixing colours around for quite some time, stopping every now and then to touch the paintbrush and feel the bristles and the paint between his fingers. He marvelled at the colours and the textures. It always surprises me how much focus a 15 month old can have, when they want to.


DSC03099Then today, I decided to get some things out for him that he usually doesn’t play with. Pipe cleaners, a colander, toilet paper and paper towel tubes, and a pair of tongs. It only took me moments to set up the colander with the pipe cleaners, weaving them in and around the colander (an idea I had seen recently on Pinterest). Then I laid out all the materials and let him have some fun. The first thing he did, so obvious, was pull out the pipe cleaners and toss them away! He was so excited!


DSC03105Then he found the tubes and tried putting them on his hands and being silly, then trying to fit the pipe cleaners into the tubes and pull them out again. This task took his undivided attention and the focus on his little face was amazing to watch. I didn’t interfere with any of his playing and just sat back taking pictures, marvelling at my little boy who is growing so very quickly.

DSC03109 DSC03112

DSC03115 DSC03117

It was a nice change of pace for my 15mth old and I to have some quality time together. Him receiving my undivided attention and I being able to enjoy our moments together without any other distractions. I must admit I miss my other 2 boys, but I am enjoying this time my toddler and I have, as come tomorrow my house will be filled again with the love and rambunctious behaviour of my three boys all together.


Happy March Break!



Hot Chocolate Stand

My boys decided, with the cold weather upon us, to create a Hot Chocolate Stand.

This was an impromptu stand that we simply created with what we had lying around…no planning or Pinterest looking was involved. We simply went with an idea and flew with it. Sometimes, these kinds of moments, whims, are really what make the playing even more magical!


We turned our train table top upside down so it was just a green table top, got out our play food, some trays, some real dishes from our cupboards, our play money and calculator, notepad and pencils. Used some wood pieces for bread and biscuits and conveniently had a couple of unused Tim Hortons cups lying around.

DSC02284 DSC02278

We then set to work on making a Hot Chocolate sign to hang over our stand.


All three boys were able to participate in the play that happened at the Hot Chocolate Stand, and of course I was a constant customer drinking hot chocolate and eating muffins and paying large amounts of fake money for my beverages.

It was a great, entertaining time for all…and my eldest son even threw in some math by adding up customers orders on his calculator!


Sometimes I love being able to just drop everything and play!  Make sure to make some time during this busy season to play too!

Giant Floor Farmland

DSC01189DSC01182After my 4yo got home from school the other day we decided to make a giant floor farmland scene. My boys decided it would be great to have a large area to play with all their farm toys and also an area where their baby brother could play too. Sometimes they are very thoughtful. It is in these times that I realize how great and loving my boys are, I mean sure they fight all the time, but sometimes they do get along and I see the love and kindness between them and how they think of their baby brother and try to include and play with him.

We started our farmland by building a hill out of pillows and covering it, and the carpet area, with a brown sheet. Then they went to work adding their farm, animals, fences, a pond made out of blue cardboard, sticks and branches and even some rocks and nests. The scene became quite elaborate and at times the boys did fight over where to put things, however in the end they agreed on placement and when complete all three boys sat and played happily. They made sure their baby brother had “appropriate” animals to play with and the rest was for them.DSC01178 DSC01176

DSC01186 DSC01180It was one of those moments I cherish when they all play nicely and I could just sit and watch; one of those times when everything else I had to do just had to wait, while I look on and try to capture every moment in my mind. These precious moments go by so quickly that I made sure to stop and watch and not say a word. After a while one, then the other decided they had enough of the farm and went to go do something else, a diaper had to be changed and then life went back to normal, to the daily chores. And so life goes.

It is so important to make sure to stop every now and then and just watch, don’t say anything, just watch. And sometimes all it takes to create these precious moments is a sheet and a few toys put together in a new way.


A Precious Moment